What fence style should I choose for my new fence?

You are getting ready to have your old fence replaced and now you are looking at different style options.

What are some of the style options available for your new fence?

Here’s a list of the most common (and uncommon) styles:

  • Cedar Side-by-Side style
  • Cedar Board-on-Board style (also known as overlapping or board-over-board)
  • Cedar Horizontal fence styles
  • Picket fences
  • Shadow Box

First, let’s begin with the most common and most cost effective options that you can choose from…the Cedar Side-by-Side style. Its simple but yet functional and will add beauty to your backyard. Side-by-side simply means that the pickets are sitting next to each other. Over time you will begin to see a small gap in between the pickets. You can choose from either the Dog-Eared look or have a trim across the top of the pickets, giving it a nice updated look.

Second, another style that is very popular and gives your home and yard an updated and sophisticated look is the Cedar Board-on-Board style. This particular style gives you the option of having total privacy since there are no gaps in between any of the Cedar pickets. The pickets have an overlapping pattern where it makes it possible to eliminate any gaps. Not only does the Board-on-Board style give you total privacy but it also gives you that upscale and high-end look for your home.

More and more we are starting to install the industrial / modern horizontal style fences. This horizontal style fence gives your home and very updated and modern look and feel. The horizontal style can be either horizontal Side-by-Side or horizontal Board-on-Board. Sometimes we get clients who are very creative. They want something totally different and we get to accommodate their plans and vision.

Next, another unique fence styles that we have installed in the past…the “picket fence” that was once so popular. This style helps you define your property lines while giving you a modicum of privacy.

Then we have a truly unique fence style that we have installed as well is the Shadow Box style fence. In this style there is a small gap left between each of pickets. On the reverse side the gap is covered with a corresponding picket. When you look directly at the fence you will not notice any gaps. Once you look at it from an angle you can then see there is a small gap. This particular style offers both privacy and the ability for wind to flow through the fence. This style makes the fence less susceptible to wind damage.

So as you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to building the fence of your dreams. It takes a great team of experts to design and build a fence you can be proud of. When you have the right team, the right materials, and a truly unique vision we can accomplish a fence like no other.

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