A wooden fence with grass in the foreground.

First-Rate Wood Fence Installations and Replacements

At our company, we specialize in providing wood fence replacement and installation services. We do not handle painting, tile work, or remodeling services—only fence related projects.  You will see why we are one of the best fence companies in Irving TX.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Whether we are in the design consultation, teardown, installation, or aesthetic touch stage, our high standards remain the same. You can rest easy knowing seasoned professionals will handle your fence replacement project.

We acknowledge that sometimes, not every project can be done smoothly. To address this, we will always seek your input and advice before making a decision. This is to make sure you and your family will be happy with the results.

Hundreds of satisfied clients have relied on Fence Masters DFW for their fence replacement projects, and we will count it a privilege to add you to our community.

A black trash can sitting in front of a wooden fence.
A dog laying in the grass next to a pool.

Services Included in Your Fence Installation Project

  • Free Design Consultation
  • Free Project Quote (Prices Include One Walk-Thru Gate)
  • Existing Fence Demolition
  • Haul Off and Trash Removal
  • Pulling All City Permits (Except for Homeowners Association Permit)
  • Contact Texas 811 to locate utilities
  • ReadySeal wood fencing stain

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