Cost of Lumber continues to stay high

Have you gone to the big box stores and looked at their lumber prices?

So of course clients ask us “when do you expect lumber prices to come down?”

The answer is not so simple and not so pleasant.

Various factors come into play:

  1. Continued lumber shortages. The construction industry has also been affected by the supply chain fiasco. Not only is some lumber in short supply, but we are also seeing nails, screws, gate hardware in short supply as well…and in turn that means higher prices.
  2. Construction projects continue to come in. As one vendor told me several months ago, “as long as customers continue to buy and schedule projects prices will not be coming down.” We have not seen a slow down in project in the fence industry; in fact, the fence industry is projected to grow in the next couple of years.
  3. The uncertainty of the virus. With the uncertainty of the virus, with people getting sick, with production lines being short-handed…all of us who are dependent on production suffer the consequences and the higher ticket prices.

Our recommendation to our clients who are looking to plan on a wood fence replacement…get your quotes and set on a reputable company to perform the work.

We as a company do NOT increase the cost of materials – what we pay is what we charge you…no percentage increases passed on to the client.

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